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 V study   V愛共學

V study.png

V study is the first iconic project of V Foundation. In the face of the sudden change in life, low-income families are often constrained by their economic conditions which to provide children learning tools and resources that meet the need for education in the new era has become impossible, thus limiting children’s access to information and knowledge. To enable underprivileged students to enjoy equal learning opportunities and to overcome social issues such as ‘digital divide’ and the learning gap between peers, Foundation aims to provide diverse learning opportunities through various forms to children, also to build a barrier-free society for them to access to information and knowledge.


「V 愛共學」(V study)為 V 慈善基金首個標誌性項目。面對突如其來的生活轉變,低收入家庭往往受制於經濟條件,無法因應新時代的教育需求為學童負擔學習配套及資源,侷限了子女接收資訊及汲取知識的渠道。為了讓更多基層學童能夠享有平等學習的機會,跨越「數碼鴻溝」以至「學習鴻溝」的社會問題,基金希望透過各種形式為基層學生提供多元學習的機會,建構一個資訊、學習無障礙的社會。

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