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 V share   V愛共享

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V share hopes to make effective use of social resources through various forms to provide timely donations and assistance to the underprivileged, to gather efforts from people across the age and social sectors to give back to the community in the means of collaboration and sharing.​ 


We organize charitable fundraising and donation activities regularly and we welcome people from different sectors to share their handy resources through us to perform the spirit of mutual support and love in order to make more people get benefited.

「V 愛共享」(V share)希望有效地運用社會資源,以不同形式為弱勢社群提供適時的捐獻及援助,凝聚各方力量,透過跨年齡及界別的協作和分享,回饋社會。



Donate Goods 物資捐贈

We welcome also in-kind donation as to call for participation in promoting the spirit of V share. We hope to enable resources to be used on the neediest and to benefit more people. If you would like to make an in-kind donation, please contact us by email.

除捐款外,我們樂意接受大家的物資捐助,一同發揮 V share ( V 愛共享 ) 的精神。善用社會資源,讓社會不同的弱勢社群受惠。如果你有任何的物資可以捐贈予我們,歡迎電郵與我們聯絡。

​Email 電郵:

Beneficiaries 受惠機構
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