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V play   V愛共樂

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V play makes dreams more than just thoughts and learning means not only bookish knowledge. As regards the changing information society, youngsters are required to develop generic skills and to achieve whole-person development. We are committed to joining hands with partners from all walks of life to provide underprivileged students with other opportunities beyond textbooks by learning entertainingly to discover and to develop their potentials. Students are also encouraged to showcase their learning results on different platforms that coordinated by Foundation to build their self-confidence.


「V愛共樂」(V play)讓夢不止於想,學習不止於課本。面對信息萬變的社會,兒童及青少年更需要培養共通能力,建立全人發展。我們致力攜手各界的合作夥伴,為基層學童提供課本以外的學習機會,寓學於樂,拓展個人潛能。學員更有機會在不同的舞台上展示學習成果,建立個人自信。

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